Live Reporting

In the article “Rethinking TV News Part I: What’s Broken, What’s Possible” by Jeff Jarvis talks about what television news should really be like. He talks about how news is very repetitive and does “breaking story’s” yet aren’t very relevant. I somewhat agree with what he says there because I feel as if local news is becoming more and more uninteresting. Most of the people that I know watch the news because of the weather and then turn it off after that. Vice news is the new thing thats coming in 2014 to change television news forever and I couldn’t be more excited about it! The broadcasting is done on the scene, whether its a dangerous story or not, and one on one interviews will be done on Vice News. I myself wanting to be a news anchor would love it if I could report stories like this. Traveling around the world and interviewing different people and covering important stories that the world actually needs to know about is what I hope to do one day. The world needs more truth and less “fluff” like we get today on a lot of television news stations. I think that this would be a very good thing for us and might even open a few people’s eyes about what is actually going on around the world.

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